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ActivePDF Enterprise Site
Responsive website with custom animations for a company that specializes in PDFs.
EarthRisk Technologies
Website for a weather forecasting company.
Infobip Enterprise Site
Infobip was seeking to embolden their brand by reinvigorating their global web presence. To do this they needed help to create a cohesive brand experience that used a design system that allowed for many page designs to be developed efficiently across different platforms. My process was to help strategize the content, curate that content to wireframes and finally execute them into visual design.
Single Page Sites
Here are 4 examples of Single Page Sites
Clinician Diagnostic App
Clinician Diagnostic App
Motivational Speaker Homepage
Homepage for a motivational speaker.
Manfrotto Collection Pages
A landing page for a highly regarded tripod company's new tripod.
Mercato Online Groceries
Mercato came to us seeking help in creating a unique grocery shopping experience that only promoted local goods for local customers. The goal was to create a responsive web-based platform that curates unique local products within a simple and easy to use eCommerce pattern. I was the sole UX/UI Designer on the project, researching, wireframing and designing the eCommerce experience. We aimed to curate a neighborhood feel to the shopping experience by tweaking several components over the shopping pattern. For instance, the navigation was very neighborhood focus in its content. Additionally, we made sure to curate shops on almost every level of the taxonomy.
Manfrotto eCommerce Redesign
Complete redesign for Manfrotto's eCommerce site.
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